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Safe Holiday Cyber Shopping Tips

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As an IT company serving our customers' security needs, we are very aware of the need for safety when shopping online for the holidays. Here are some tips we thought would be helpful for you and your business.

Tech Tip - Getting Auto Complete for Outlook on new computer

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This is a question we run into often, especially when customers are migrating to a new computer.

Outlook 2003, and above, creates a file called outlook.nk2 that stores all of your entries that are typed into the "to" box. When you migrate to a new computer, you need to make sure this file is moved to the new computer. The file is located in the following directories:

Tech Tip - Clutter Free Desktop

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If you frequently run multiple programs simultaneously, your desktop can get extremely cluttered. This can get annoying if you're working on one program and want to minimize all of the other windows. In previous versions of Windows, you had to minimize them individually.

Staying secure in a wifi location

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Have you ever worried about your internet security when surfing the web in a space away from the office or home? Here are some important tips from a recent article in the New York Times.

And, don't forget to view all of our security offers here on our website or contact us about our Remote Managed Services to best serve your SMB's security.

Internet Explorer 9 Tech Tip

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Here's a tip for those of you using Internet Explorer 9 on how to change the default download location.

In Internet Explorer 9, the default download is in the downloads folder in your user profile. If you don't like this default location, you can change it.

  • Open Internet Explorer 9, click on the settings icon (it looks like a gearwheel) and go to View Downloads.
  • In the downloads window, click on the options link.
  • Click the Browser button to select hte folder that you want for your downloads.

Laptop Tech Tip

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Many or our Managed Services customers run businesses where their employees are on the road and using their laptops at home and at sites. Here is a tip to keep laptops running more efficiently. (On another note, recent studies have pointed to the increase in malware threats when employees are using laptops at remote locations. At Waytek, we provide security and monitoring to our customers to ensure their protection. Contact us for more details.)

Power Efficiency Report

Gone Phishing - Tech Tip

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Not to be confused with summer fishing, "phishing" in the tech world is a different story, and an important one to know. We often get questions about phishing filters. A phishing filter can be a component of a web browser or Internet toolbar, or it can be part of an email program. Phishing filters evaluate websites for signs that they are connected to phishing scams. Phishing scams use email and websites that look like those belonging to legitimate sources (such as financial or government institutions) but are actually hoaxes.

New Check Up Tech Tips!

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This is the most common problem faced by every computer user. No matter how many tips and tricks you follow, your computer may not work the way it used to. Here are some tips to speed things up.

Summer Safety Tips - Staying Secure Online While Traveling

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One of the most effective ways of protecting yourself when traveling is to take these simple and preventive steps before you leave.

● Update your laptop and smartphone operating systems and applications to the latest version to reduce the vulnerability of attacks.

Accessing Your Folders From the Taskbar

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Yes, you can access your folders from the Taskbar rather than always opening the Windows Explorer window and pointing to the drives. This method can save a lot of time for many users. Many users (you know who you are) are always on the Internet and want to open a song or document quickly. This method enables them to do those tasks quickly and without a lot of thought. Just follow the simple steps and get your Directory on your Taskbar!

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