Many of our customers ask us about Microsoft Teams, since Microsoft announced last September that it was phasing out using Skype for business in favor of a full integration of Teams as its core communications platform for the enterprise. Since that time, many businesses have incorporated Teams into their business practice. The intent is to have Teams evolve as the core communications client for its cloud connected Office 365 users. It can be used for all voice, video and meetings.

Later this year, Microsoft will introduce new innovations, such as cloud recording. Teams will allow its users to record meetings with automatic transcriptions and time coding ability to search and play back. In the future, there will also be face recognition, so  remarks can be attributed to specific individuals in the meeting. Basically, you will no longer need someone to take meeting minutes, or if someone does, it will be relatively painless. Another exciting feature will be inline message translation that will translate posts immediately.

Keeping up with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Teams offers the AI assistant, Cortana, a voice assistant that will be integrated with meeting room devices and have the ability to make a call, join a meeting and add a person using voice. We will keep you updated in the coming months on the latest news regarding Microsoft Teams. It is worth exploring for your business!