Looking for a gift for the techie in your life? Here are ten of the best holiday tech gifts for 2019. These tech gifts are great for the non-techie, too, and initiate anyone into the fun of technology.

 The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro – These high quality earbuds are a great gift choice this holiday season. They have superior sound quality, are comfortable and have a long battery life of 8 hours. There is also a fast charging feature that goes for 2 hours when charged for 10 minutes.


Tile Pro and Tile Slim – We have featured Tile in past years for a tech gift idea, and it remains a popular choice. This gadget helps you keep track of keys, wallets, and anything you need to find. The Tile Slim works well in a wallet and retails for around $30. Get it for that loved one who is always searching for his wallet or keys!


The DJI Tello Quadcopter beginner Drone – This is an entry level model, for those interested in entering the world of drones. It is controlled by a smartphone and features a 5 megapixel camera that can take jpeg photos and record video. Incredibly, it can also fly up to 100m away. It sells for around $100.



Google Home Smart Speaker – This voice-controlled assistant for the home remains a popular choice and delivers news, alarms, timers, along with controlling IoT (internet of things) items in your home. it retails for around $80.



Fitbit Inspire HR HeartRate and Fitness Tracker – The latest Fitbit is an even better choice for a fitness tracker this year. It uses heart rate monitoring to track calorie burn and resting heart rate. It also stays charge up to 5 days and is a good deal, starting anywhere from $70 to $100, with lots of deals this season.


The Backlash Fit Smart Yoga Mat – Here is a really fun option for the yogi in your life. This mat rolls itself up and grips to the floor, so there is no chance of sweaty slippage. It also comes with a yoga routine that you can use with any smart speaker. A good buy from around $70 to $90, the cost of most other yoga mats.


Furbo Dog Camera – This is such a great gift for dog lovers. It allows dog owners to check in on their dogs through an app on their phones, speak to their dog, and even dispense treats! All for around $200.



Apple Watch Series 5 – The new series to the Apple Watch starts around $400 and is waterproof, tracks workouts, syncs to your phone, has Bluetooth and more. Definitely an upgrade if you have the original up to the 3 series.



Amazon Kindle Oasis E-reader –Most kindles are relatively inexpensive these days, coming in at around $100 or less. This upgraded version is a luxury for the person on your list who is an avid kindle reader. It has tapered side grips, making it easier to hold with one hand (and read while eating or in the bathtub; it is also water resistant.) It is very thin .13″ and has a high resolution with a 300pixel per inch display. It also allows you to adjust the color temperature so you aren’t blinded by the blue light. The cost is around $25o.

Phillips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit – This kit turns lights into smart devices, offering voice control through Alexa, Apple Home or Google Assistant. You will be truly living in the Internet of Things with this gift. it retails from around $70 to $120.




Enjoy your Holidays and your holiday shopping! Remember to keep all of your devices secure and browse our blog for advice on cyber security.