License Renewal Management

Many of our customers seek our help with license management for software, hardware, support contracts and asset tracking. They often find themselves at the mercy of vendors and are left hoping that these vendors are renewing their maintenance agreements on time and accurately. There are always concerns about whether maintenance is up to date for hardware or software that is in use, but it also just as likely that customers pay for support that they do not actually need anymore.  Either scenario is less than optimal and requires a lot of organization and tracking of serial numbers and expiration dates that takes constant monitoring and time.

With our License Management system, we are able to maintain an inventory of all contracts for our customers, ensuring they do not miss any renewals and that they won’t be paying for support they don’t need either. Renewing  is a job that typically falls on the IT Manager, who is overworked, or on the financial or purchasing department, that doesn’t always have insight into what is active or not.

Our license renewal team will manage and handle all of your software and hardware maintenance and update renewals We free up our customers’ time, save them money, and ensure that they are protected when they want to be.