Spring cleaning your technology should be on your checklist for both security and efficiency. Just as we clean and organize other areas of our lives, our technology needs attention, too. Here are 7 helpful tips for your technology clean-up.

  1. Clean your hard drive. Delete unnecessary files by going to storage settings and deleting those files that are taking up unnecessary space.
  2. Clean up email. Unsubscribe to promotional emails that you do not need. You could also use an app or service to do this, such as Unrollme.com.
  3. Organize cluttered material, such as photos and use a shared drive, like Google Drive, for all of your devices.
  4. Clean up social media. Especially in light of Facebook accounts being used in the last election, take care how private your settings are. Go to “settings,” and check your permissions. See our blog on the Facebook safety.
  5. Delete unused apps on all of your devices, including smartphones.
  6. Update passwords! You may want to use an app or service to store and update them safely.
  7. Think about using a pro to clean up and remove all of  the files you need to a hard drive. Your computer will run better!