Here is our annual holiday tech gift selection for 2018. We hope you find these suggestions useful when shopping for everyone from your favorite tech geek to the person who has everything. Also remember to stay safe when shopping online and refer to an article we recently re-tweeted on safe shopping on cyber Monday.

1. The third generation Echo Dot is the smallest smart speaker in the Echo family and remains a good buy at around $50 or less, depending on holiday sales. It is a great starting point for smart speakers and is Alexa-enabled and can fit anywhere.

2. The Click and Grow Smart Garden is a fun tech gift for the winter gardener. At $100 and available on Amazon, this device is a self watering garden for small plants and herbs and can easily fit on a kitchen counter.


3.  The Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera is a great new tool for securing your home. This easy to use security camera links to a mobile app that sends notifications and has 2 way audio to communicate with the viewer and the person being viewed by the camera. At $120, it is a good gift choice.


4.  The Elago charging hub charges an iPhone, air pods, and an Apple Watch at the same time. Its sleek and compact look makes it great for a nightstand and is the excellent choice for the Apple lover on your list who needs to remember to charge devices nightly. At $25, it is an easy choice.


5.  The Google Home Hub is an interactive tablet and speaker, the latest in smart hub technology this holiday season. It works with Google Assist and can control your smart home, linking to your calendar and reminders and can stream TV. It retails for around $150

6.  The competitor to the Google Home Hub is the new Amazon Echo Show, also a smart tablet and speaker and also around $150. It is a fun gift choice as is the Google Home Hub. It really is your preference as to whether you are more Google or Amazon oriented. You do need Amazon Prime to access Amazon music or videos.

7.  The Sonos Beam is new and updated. It is a great soundbar and delivers good quality sound, which Sonos is known for executing. It works with Alexa and is compatible with the Apple Home Kit, retailing at just under $400.


8.  The Apple Watch Series 4, which also can come with cellular data is a great choice for the techie or the person who has everything, including an old Apple Watch, because this one is completely re-engineered. It has the largest display ever and 50% louder speakers. The new info graph watch face can accommodate up to 8 complications, giving the user more to see and do. It has a charge that lasts for 18 hours and costs about $400 with just GPS and $500 with both GPS and cellular.


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!