Most  of the United Sates (and the world) is living the new reality of working from home. For those of us not used to this new format, many challenges arise, especially with technology. A recent New York Times article addressed these challenges, stating “without an IT department, you are on your own with your tech problems.” Hopefully, that isn’t the case for you, and if you have a Managed Services Provider, they should provide an easy transition to the working at home format.

We have seen, and the Times article also cited, the most common work from from home problems seem to be those that slow down productivity. Here are the most common problems:

  • unreliable internet connectivity
  • low quality video calls
  • software programs that are confusing or narrowly focused

It is best to stick with a few tools and not get mired down with too many apps. Once you have settled on setting your VPN access, use one app for video conferencing and secure a strong Wifi connection.

If your WiFi is unreliable, think about investing in a mesh Wifi system that connects multiple wireless access points together for a stronger connection. Google Wifi or Amazon Eero are examples. If your WiFi speed is slow, you can also contact your internet provider for better options. Remember, in a pandemic, when most are working from home and students are studying from home, the internet will often be slower.

For video conferencing, whether using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Face Time, you might want to consider a better webcam and wireless headset. (Microsoft Teams seems to be the most secure option, but all are good.) Of course, choosing a good location in your home, away from other family members and with a decent background, is also wise.

Feel free to contact us with any questions on working remotely. Stay healthy and safe!