Every year, we bring you some of the newest and best tech gifts for everyone on your list. Some are newer versions of products we have written about in previous years. Enjoy them all and happy shopping

  1.  There are a few versions of smart Alexa speakers you may want to try this year.
  • The first is the Echo Dot. At around $30, it is a good introduction to the voice activated Alexa speaker from Amazon.
  • The Echo Second Generation is better in sound and a good price at $100.
  • New this year from Sonos is Sonos One. It uses Alexa, has the good Sonos sound and will have future software updates. It retails around $200.



2.  Roku is a stocking stuffer sized device that gives you every video streaming      app. The Express version retails for around $30.

3.  Apple AirPods are great wireless speakers, although some reviewers claim they are a little strange-looking. Still, the quality is very good and they retail for around $200.

4.  The Apple iPhoneX has to be on someone’s list you know. Yes, it is the priciest iPhone, retailing for under $1,000, but most cellular plans add that into monthly payments, so it might be a present you buy for yourself. It has cutting edge facial recognition and great retina display.

5.  The DJI Spark is the smallest and least expensive camera drone. It is still pricey at $399, but it is a lot of fun. You can fly it with your phone as a guide, or you can use hand gestures or an optional controller.

6.  The Kindle Oasis is the ultimate e-Reader on the market. It is fully waterproof and has the highest resolution display of all of the Kindles and reads like paper, even in sunlight. It retails from $250 to $350, depending on its GB size.

7. The Incase Novi Connected Travel Roller is the ultimate carry-on suitcase for any tech enthusiast. It is a hard case suitcase with a TSA approved battery and USB-C and full USB port for charging laptops and other gadgets.

Happy Holidays!