The Makers

An interesting book choice this holiday season for the person interested in tech, history or business is The Makers by Chris Anderson, the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine and founder of 3D Robotics, his company based on the philosophy [...]

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Windows 8!

Not that long ago, we had a blog post on Windows 8 and the news or rumors surrounding the new OS. Now that we are getting much closer to its arrival, October 26, we thought we would offer updates on [...]

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Google Drive

If you are a user of Google Docs, you may have noticed that the tab for Google docs no longer exists and has been replaced by Google Drive. Interestingly, there hasn't been a lot of buzz from Google to the [...]

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New iPhone vs. the Android

 Well, it's hard to live on this planet and not have heard the news of the new iPhone that recently hit stores. Much has been written in the past few weeks, since Apple made its announcement of the new iPhone [...]

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Apps and more apps!

As we have noted in other tech tips, the increasing use of tablets and smartphones in the business place has inspired us to provide more tips on apps that could benefit you both in your business and personal use. The [...]

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iPad and iPhone Tech Tips

The Wall Street Journal, along with other publications has taken a closer look recently at tips for using the iPhone and iPad. This blog and the next will focus on useful tips for your business and home use. We will [...]

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Tech Tips for the Future

What are the most exciting possibilities for new tech products for 2012? Looks like mobile devices, in the form of tablets and smartphones are the front-runners. Amazon has been working on a few products, and the Wall Street Journal recently [...]

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Tried and True Tech Tips

The online Journal of Accountancy recently published "125 Technology Quick Tips," including tips from basic short-cuts when using Word to tips for the iPad and those for good websites. We thought we would include some of the relevant ones here [...]

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Imagine by Jonah Lehrer

Did you know that daydreaming or having ADHD could actually be beneficial to your creativity, which in turn could help you in many careers, such as business, advertising and science? Jonah Lehrer, in his best-seller Imagine, offers such theories, based [...]

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Moving to the Cloud

At Waytek, moving our clients to the cloud starts with asking the key questions that drive a business to such a move. We help our clients first understand exactly what it means to migrate to the Cloud and why they [...]

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Windows 8 – What’s Ahead

A lot of buzz has been generated lately around Windows 8, due to be released in "a couple of months." Microsoft has just launched the Windows 8 Release Preview, and the positive and negative critiques have followed. While Windows 7 was [...]

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The iPad in Business

A lot has been written lately about iPad for business and the many new apps and other resources one can use to utilize the iPad in an every-day business environment. This is especially true for the latest iPad. Just last [...]

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Spring Cleaning!

Spring is traditionally thought of as a good time to clean up and organize, and that can certainly apply to your technology. Here are a few tips: Clean out your hard drive. Whether at work or at home, now is [...]

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Clicking Safe Links

The number one priority in surfing the web and using the Internet in your business and personal life is to make sure that your security is not compromised. Ensuring that you have the right AntiVirus and AntiMalware along with other [...]

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Google Privacy Changes

It is hard not to have read about the new Google privacy changes, which went into effect on March 1st. Numerous articles have been appearing all over the web and in the media over the past couple of weeks. Many [...]

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Lisa Gansky – The Mesh

While reading Lisa Gansky's book The Mesh, written in 2010, it struck me that her message is even more relevant in 2012. The concept of the book is that we have entered a new era in business, where many companies [...]

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Diversify Your IT Security!

This week, Fox news published an informative article (January 26, 2012, on the state of cyber security. The popular security product, Symantec, had to advise customers to disable one of its products after hackers had stolen underlying code powering [...]

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Tech Tips for iPhone and iPad

Our latest tech tips are Apple related. Though many of our customers do not use Apples for business, iPhones and iPads are used by many of our customers and they periodically have questions about the usage of both. Our first [...]

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Holiday Tech Gift Ideas

As an IT company, we often get asked about our recommendations for tech gifts for the holidays. Here are a few of our favorites: You may be familiar with the Moleskine journals and notebooks, legendary for having been used by [...]

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Daniel Pink – Drive

A new feature of our newsletter, that we will periodically include, is a small book review on a book that contains relevant information or forward thinking for small and medium sized businesses and the world of technology. Please contact us [...]

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