office_365We are often asked about the benefits of Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office, and the answer is not clear cut. We are certified to offer support for both of these services and advice on which is best for your business, because both are good and have a lot to offer. The choice for you depends on where you are most comfortable and how you use technology for your business.

While Google Apps is simple, Office 365 is more complex. Google Apps is less expensive and the Basic for Business includes Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows, forms and data storage, in addition to Gmail and Google Calendar. The basic package hasn’t changed much in recent years.

Office 365’s major change is that it now includes Office 2013. It is now easier to put your data in the cloud and it offers a level of comfort for businesses that have standardized on Microsoft. Office 365’s set up is much more complex, because the package is more complex than Google Apps. Where Google Apps is small and easily administered, it doesn’t reach the more obscure parts of your company’s organizations. Some businesses, that use Outlook as a standard, for example, are put off by the interface of Google Apps. Office 365 offers an extensive and complex enterprise support.

Office 365 has incredible capabilities and can really do anything your business needs it to do. Like Google Docs, Office Web Apps offers simplicity and ease of use. Everything is stored in the cloud, so that you do not need to worry about local filing.

Many businesses choose Office 365, because they are familiar with Office and do not need to retrain employees. Although many businesses probably don’t need all that Office 365 offers, its extra cost is not so high that it deters them from choosing it. For many businesses, it is just easier to stay with Office, especially with the new features.

Both of these products are excellent and secure. Please contact us with any questions!