Many companies are back to hiring and while most tend to have handbooks and first-day procedures to ease the onboarding process, many fail to give enough time to the IT transition. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal (10/21/13) highlighted some of the following points as important steps to easing a new employee into the IT structure of your company. As an IT Managed Services company, we have seen that taking the time to follow these procedures pays off in the long fun.

  1. Don’t skimp on technology equipment or training. Whether by using company trained staff or your outsourced IT providers, ensuring the right trainig and equipment for your new employee will boost productivity.
  2. Automate as many access permissions as possible to quickly ease the transition for the employee.
  3. Today, more and more employees are bringing their own devices to work, in the form of laptops, tablets and smartphones. In the WSJ article, Forrester Research Senior Analyst T.J. Keitt claims that “BYOD has unleased a fragmented device-management structure, and some IT departments have thrown their hands up and said they can’t support these different devices.” The best way to deal with this? Set clear guidelines on what devices can be used, the level of support that you will provide for them, and ensure the proper security for them.
  4. When looking at security (updated antivirus, etc.) make sure that your employees are versed in the proper use of passwords. See our related blog post on the latest on password security.

Technology can be overwhelming for any employee. Ask us about how we can help ensure your company’s safety and productivity.