In the past few days, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications have published articles on businesses taking another look at cyber security and government regulations in 2013. Businesses have long rejected government interference in company cyber security policies, but events of last year, especially, have caused them to take a closer look at security. In the WSJ article (1/9/13) “Lobbying Over Cyber Attacks,” Ajay Banga, CEO of Master Card Inc. and head of the information and technology committee of the Business Roundtable, stated that the roundtable group would push for closer cooperation with Washington on computer security.

Last year, business interests helped to defeat legislation that would have created a new set of cyber security standards. This past September, however, many US-based banks became the victims of Iranian hackers. These attacks rendered the bank websites useless for more than a day. Now, Washington is trying again to initiate cyber security legislation. Though business groups have long opposed requirements, some are now offering voluntary security improvements in exchange for information on security threats, so that they can work harder against hacker threats. Liz Gasster,  a VP of the Business Roundtable states in the WSJ article that the increase in threats to security and the increased creativity of hackers mean that private companies need more assistance.

An editorial of the WSJ on January 10th by Bernard Horovitz, chief executive of XL Insurance’s Global Professional Operations, pointed out again the need for work in the area of cyber security. The editorial states that hacking is one of the most serious threats facing businesses today and can result in lawsuits, expenses from damages to employees, and loss of data and time to businesses. The fact that employees are increasingly using their own laptops and smartphones or working remotely from their own computers increases the potential for businesses to be vulnerable to attacks.

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