As a New Jersey (and tri-state) company, we watched the Monster Storm Sandy and its devastating effects on parts of the area. It brought home the concern we always raise with our customers about the need for complete IT coverage and support in the event of a disaster.

Our work at Waytek started prior to the storm with server preparation for our clients, who heeded our advice in shutting down non critical systems. We verified and tested battery backups and generators, and we backed up and tested all critical systems. Our Managed Services customers were monitored during the storm, which included internet and telecommunications. We even had one of our team sleep over at a hospital that we support as part of its disaster recovery team.

After the storm, we started and tested all systems prior to the business day to ensure a smooth start up. Our customers had no loss of data and virtually no disruptions that we could control. For those areas that we couldn’t control, we even worked with the vendors like Comcast and Verizon on behalf of our customers. It was a busy week, but we were happy that we could help our clients make it throught the disaster.

If you have questions on Managed Services, Online Backup or other features we offer to help your business stay up and running, please let us know. Now, is a good time to prepare and evaluate how you can keep your data safe and your business running in the event of a major storm or disaster.