Spring Book Recommendations

Last week, Terry Gross of NPR, conducted an interview with Dan Lyons, the author of a new book called Disrupted: My Midsadventures in the Start-Up Bubble. The interview was entertaining and thought-provoking, but it also contained intrigue into the world of [...]

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Watching the Storm, Watching your IT

With today's Nor'easter going into Friday, please be aware that there could once again be power outages and internet outages that could impact your daily business activity. Email services could be affected due to power outages along the northeast corridor, [...]

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Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Here it is - Our annual recommendations of holiday tech gifts. Whether for business, home or pleasure, these gifts should be at the top of your list. 1.  The Apple Watch - No surprise that this smartwatch makes the list. [...]

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Fall Book Recommendations

Cooler weather evokes thoughts of warming up by the fire, maybe with a good book. Here are a couple of book recommendations that would be interesting to the businessperson or entrepreneur. The Startup Playbook: Secrets Of The Fastest Growing Startups From [...]

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Summer Travel Tech Tips

While the main goal of summer travel and vacation is to unwind and unplug, most of us still need to be in touch at some level. So, give yourself designated time to be free of technology on vacation and when [...]

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Pogue’s Basics

This book could end up being the tech bible you keep nearby to answer those tech questions that come up and the frustrations you encounter when you are using your devices. It is called Pogue's Basics and is written by David [...]

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iPad and iPhone Tech Tips

The Wall Street Journal, along with other publications has taken a closer look recently at tips for using the iPhone and iPad. This blog and the next will focus on useful tips for your business and home use. We will [...]

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Books for the Tech Lover

We usually offer a book review in our newletters, but for this holiday issue, we are giving you some gret suggestions for books to give this holiday season. Along with books about technology, we are also featuring some good books [...]

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Holiday Tech Gifts

Our Fall newsletter contained two articles on new tablets and new smartphones. Hopefully, these gave you a head start on gift giving for the holidays or a gift for yourself in the new year. Here are some more intersting ideas [...]

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The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

A couple of years ago, we reviewed Walter Isaacson's fascinating biography of Steve Jobs and recommended it as a good read of histosry and technology. Now, Isaacson has shifted his perspective from the account of one person's influence on technology [...]

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Newest in Smartphones

Since the early Fall, there have been quite a few new smartphones on the market. With a lot of new releases, this is a good time to assess what new phone or new version works for you. Here is a [...]

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Fall Tablets

There has been a lot of buzz about new tablets this Fall, especially from Apple and Google. Here are the offerings from those companies along with other options. They are a good start to updating your devices for the Fall [...]

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Website Down? What to Do

A recent article in raised the question of what a business should do when faced with the disaster of its website going down. There have been many high profile accounts in the news recently of big name websites being [...]

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