As an MSP, we have watched all of our clients, and all businesses and organizations, move to working remotely and shut down their offices temporarily due to the Covid19 virus or the Coronavirus. It has been a tough couple of weeks for everyone, and when it ends, is still uncertain. This has been an incredibly busy time for us as we do what we always do, which is support the technology of our clients, so they can run their organizations seamlessly. We have spent many hours helping our clients move to a remote work environment. The challenge in this is that they do so while  maintaining their usual level of productivity and keeping all of their data safe and secure.

A recent article from cited four reasons why the MSP is vital in the fight against the impact of the Coronavirus:

  • MSPs can help organizations deploy, support, and secure remote users.
  • MSPs understand remote technology.
  • MSPs are uniquely positioned to help the global fight against pandemics by assisting organizations in staying viable in a turbulent time.
  • MSPs are able to bring calm to a difficult situation for organizations.

There are various ways we have been working non-stop with our clients, since the onslaught of this pandemic. We have helped our clients work remotely, as we have mentioned. We have also helped, and are here to help, with communication platforms. Security is more important now than ever, and we cannot stress that enough. Lastly, we have been here, and continue to be, with helping you store and protect your data, an even more critical point in the global environment of today.

Please read our blog post on the Coronavirus and your business. We think it has a lot of useful information. Please reach out to us with any questions. We are very busy, but we are committed to being here for you.

Stay safe!