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iPad and iPhone Tech Tips

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The Wall Street Journal, along with other publications has taken a closer look recently at tips for using the iPhone and iPad. This blog and the next will focus on useful tips for your business and home use. We will also be looking at other mobile tips in the near future. Let us know your thoughts on what you would like us to share.

15 Productivity Apps for Business - Getting Ahead in 2017

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There are many applications available today that help small and medium-sized businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. Some of these you may already use and some you may not have been aware of. We we have compiled a list of some of the best on the market today. (Many on this list are also mentioned on and

Staying Safe Online During the Holidays

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During the holiday season, it is more important than ever to take steps to ensuring you are safe while shopping online and surfing the internet. For both business and personal purposes, take a look at these guidelines (some provided by our friend Bob Riesenbach) before checking your holiday list. 

Holiday Tech Gifts for 2016

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Every year, we offer a list of tech gifts that are fun and/or useful for holiday gifting. Here is our list for 2016:

Why The SMB Needs To Stop Ignoring Cyber Crime

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We make it a top priority to warn our clients of the dangers of cyber crimes, yet we see many SMBs becoming victims of ransomware and cyber attacks with increasing frequency.

How Managed Services Fulfills the Needs of SMBs

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Many small and medium-sized businesses often overlook or underestimate the need for investing in IT. Today, it is a necessity in successfully running any business. Unfortunately, things can and do often go wrong with technology, which can disrupt or damage a business. Systems and networks can easily fail and few SMBs have the the bandwidth, resources and expertise to support their IT demands.

Here We Go Again: Ransomware and What You Should Know

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We have written numerous posts on our blog about ransomware and, unfortunately, must continue to do so, due to the devastating effects that ransomware continues to have on many businesses, and we are seeing it more and more. It really is a cyber epidemic. Let's recap a few main thoughts about ransomware. 

There are two types of ransomware:

What to do for your Tech this Summer: Upgrade Your OS!

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Summer is a good time to relax, but it can also be a good time to evaluate your tech and consider improvements. One thing that is often overlooked, because we are too busy to take the time to do it, is upgrading your operating system. In a recent article, the author stressed that the mindset of "I'll wait till it's broken," no longer fits in an internet world. It used to be that you could wait a few years to upgrade your OS, but now it is a necessary task to do on a regular basis. 

Summer 2016 - Travel Tech Tips

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It's that time of year again when many of us are looking forward to getting away for a while. Whether to a sandy beach or a foreign country, your technology will likely be traveling with you. We hope that you can put it away for a while and relax, but sometimes you need to stay somewhat connected. Some of these tips will actually enhance your vacation time, too. 


Safety Measures and Organization:

Last Minute Tech Gifts for Dads

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Father's Day is almost here, and if you are like a lot of us, you may be a little late in finding a gift. Don't worry. We have you covered with a range of tech gifts that are sure to please everyone. 

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