In scanning recommended summer reading this year, we came across a good group of books to read while on the beach, in an airplane or under a tree in your back yard. Most of the five books we are recommending, came from the WSJ, which borrowwed from J.P. Morgan’s Summer Reading List. (Yes, J.P. Morgan!) The last book comes from NPR’s recent recommended books. We think this is an eclectic mix that will both inspire and bring enjoyment to those lazy summer days.

five-011.  The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong In A World Where Things Go Wrong by Judith Rodin. Rodin writes effectively on the ability to bounce back quickly and successfully in social and economic crises. Our world today is a global world, which leaves us more susceptible to sudden shocks and stresses, such as cyber attacks, killer viruses, mega storms and economic disasters. Through a broad range of stories, Rodin shows how people, companies and communities have developed resilience in the face of catastrophe and overwhelming challenges. She also gives insight into how to take advantage of economic and social opportunities.

five-022.  How To Fly A Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention and Discovery by Kevin Ashton. The author was a pioneer in technology at MIT and a leader of three successful start-up companies. He writes on the challenge of creating something new and takes the reader through the stories of some of the greatest creations in history and how their inventors came to create them. One example is of the small Ohio bike shop where the Wright brothers decided to work on how to “fly a horse.” The book also looks at how innovators faced and overcame challenges.

five-033.  The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. A logical accompaniement to How to Fly A Horse is the latest book by the two times Pulitzer Prize winner, David McCullough. it is the dramatic in-depth story of the brothers who taught us how to fly. The Kirkus Review called it “an educational and inspiring biography of seminal American innovators.”

4. Where Chefs Eat by Joe Warwick. The latest edition is new and revised and is the ultimate expert guide of recommendations from expert chefs. It is a great book to read before and during your summer travel, although it will definitely get you hungry at the beach. More than 600 of the world’s best chefs cover more than 3,000 restaurants in over 70 countries. It includes detailed city maps, reviews and key information.

What are you waiting for?

five-055.  No Better Friend by Robert Weintraub is a dog story and so much more. It is the inspiring true story of Judy, a Pointer who became WWII’s only canine POW. Her story is incredible and her journey is heroic. Filled with love, friendship and adventure, it will touch your heart. It’s a great book for a lazy summer day, sipping iced tea while maybe petting your own dog or cat