Brian McDonnell, CEO and President of Waytek, was featured in the latest issue of SNJ Business People, focusing on technology and telecommunications. Brian participated in a roundtable discussion on the topic and offered his views on emerging trends in technology and how businesses, particularly SMBs, can stay ahead of the game.

Here is an excerpt of the article and Brian’s input:

“The next great breakthroughs or biggest themes in IT will be portability and access to data. The world of the Jetsons is becoming the reality for individuals and businesses. GPS can now track a person’s whereabouts, and we can identify an individual through eye scan technology. Twitter brings us access to information by the second. It is critical for businesses to stay ahead of the curve with technology.

Today and moving into the future, the constant access to this explosion of information creates challenges for businesses. The sheer amount of information requires it to be provided in smaller and portable snippets for easy access, while offering more detailed information at the click of a mouse. It also requires storage capability and with it, security, an ever looming threat to all businesses. There’s the rub; with portability and cloud computing, necessary components to 21st century businesses, comprehensive security policies and monitoring tools will become an even more integral part of the future.”