Waytek has a staff of dedicated and experienced employees. Our blog will now be featuring stories on our employees and their work and lives outside of the office.

Our first story features Judy McGinn, our Senior Manager of Strategic Sales

Judy spends many of her weekends working with homeless families and individuals in Camden, New Jersey. Here is her story.

Four years ago, Judy read in her local paper about a woman from a local church, the Central Baptist Church of Woodbury, who had started a program of taking bagged lunches to the needy and homeless in Camden. After reading the article, Judy and her friend were moved to help and went to the parking lot of the Transportation Center of Camden one Saturday morning to see if they could. She has been going ever since. Judy and other volunteers meet at the church to make nutritious lunches, trying to include protein and fruit, along with a satisfying meal. They then drive the food to Camden to distribute it. When handing out lunches, Judy is often asked by these people about items they might need and is ready to gather up clothing, blankets, etc. when the need arises.

Although a weekend is a respite from the hard work and long hours Judy puts in at Waytek, and she is usually the last one to leave the office, she still finds herself being pulled to Camden on Saturday mornings. When asked about why she continues to do this volunteer work, Judy said that she finds that if she can help just one person with not just a meal or a coat but also a conversation, that is the reward that keeps her going back.

At Waytek, we’re proud of the work Judy does for us and our customers and inspired by her work outside of the office.