Is Your Company’s Technology Ready For The Pope? – Going on More Than A Prayer: How To Ensure Your Business Technology Can Deal With Major Events


Since, Waytek is a Managed Services Provider for the technology of SMBs in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, we have found that many businesses will be affected by more than just major road closures. Many of our clients are in the designated road closure areas for the upcoming visit of the Pope to Philadelphia. As the mayor’s office has stated, the area is to look at this event with the equivalent impact of a major snow storm. These businesses still have to operate and have come to us for help in ensuring that their operations can still run as smoothly as possible.

How are we doing this? We are working to ensure that employees have remote access to virtual cloud servers, so that even if they are forced to work from home, the business can keep running seamlessly.

For some of our clients, we have made arrangements for our tech staff to stay overnight within the closed to traffic zone, so that we can ensure they are there for clients who require their on-site presence.

We are also monitoring all systems 24×7 and have an on-call hotline. We are doing vulnerability scans as an extra precaution. For one of our clients, a TV studio, we have set up a special failover, so if they have a power outage, the shows will still broadcast.

Special events, such as the Pope visit, are a reminder of the need to protect the technology of your business. Contact us or check our website for information on how we can help your business and your technology weather any storm or event. In the meantime, enjoy this historic Pope visit to Philadelphia!