21When an employee terminates employment with your organization or company, certain procedures are part of the exiting process. It is imperative to have steps in place to ensure that your IT is secure and all of the employee’s ties to your systems have been severed.

Work with your IT professionals in coming up with a good checklist and enforcing it. Here are some steps you should take.

  1. Review your exit interview procedure with your IT pros. Include a process for saving electronic and print documents and discuss any company devices that need to be returned.
  2. Retrieve mobile devices and backup discs, USB’s, etc.
  3. De-activate company email addresses and remote access accounts. Instruct the IT team to have a process for former employee email to be forwarded to the supervisor. De-activate accounts on the day of departure.
  4. Change user passwords or PINs to any corporate credit card or financial accounts. Change user passwords in Active Directory (AD), applications and firewall.
  5. Confirm that your backups are current and secure (preferably offsite).
  6. if the user had access to any vendors, remove his/her name from support on all vendor accounts and change all vendor access passwords.
  7. Remove any remote access.

Remember, it is important to your IT security that you keep in close communication with your IT professionals in the termination of an employee