Father’s Day is almost here, and if you are like a lot of us, you may be a little late in finding a gift. Don’t worry. We have you covered with a range of tech gifts that are sure to please everyone.

11.  The fitbit blaze is the newest, most comprehensive version of the popular fitness band the fitbit. At just under $100, it is a great choice for the workout-loving dad or the one needing a nudge into fitness.

While the blaze is less functional as a smartwatch than the Apple Watch, it includes more advanced fitness features, such as On Screen Workouts with FitStar and PurePulse Heart Rates.

22.  For the paranoid dads out there, Nest Cam is a small, portable security camera that automatically turns on and connects to your phone when you leave your house.

It retails for about $150.

33.  The Biolite Solar Panel 5+ is great for the summer when traveling or off the grid. It charges your gadgets with an internal battery that stores energy from the sun and is about the size of an iPad.

It costs about $80.

44.  The 1More Triple Drive in-ear headphones are getting rave reviews and their quality is being rated with headphones that are three times the price.

They are a bargain for $100. They also are great looking and come with awesome packaging.

55.  We had to include the Apple Watch. It’s great for the techie dad or the dad who has everything. It runs a lot of apps and can track all day information, like steps and calories.

It also has a speakerphone for answering calls, if your iPhone is within range. Models start as low as $299.

66.  How about a tried and true e-reader for the beach this summer? The standard Kindle is a bargain at $60. The Paperwhite, which you can read in sunlight or the dark, retails for about $100. The Kindle Voyage costs about $200 and has a battery that lasts for weeks. It also has 300ppi display, which allows it to read more like the printed page.

It’s light adjusts to where you are and you can change pages via the page press without lifting a finger. The Kindle Oasis is more expensive and deluxe, but is unavailable until later in the summer.

77.  Lastly, as a real splurge, how about the Microsoft Surface Book?

It’s a high performance laptop with the veratility of a tablet. It is finely crafted, visually appealing and powerful.