11It’s that time of year again when many of us are looking forward to getting away for a while. Whether to a sandy beach or a foreign country, your technology will likely be traveling with you. We hope that you can put it away for a while and relax, but sometimes you need to stay somewhat connected. Some of these tips will actually enhance your vacation time, too.

Safety Measures and Organization:

  • Organize your trip with a travel app. There are many good ones like Tripit that organize maps, directions, travel notes, and documents that you can share with friends and family. They manage and support trips from smartphones and can enhance your travel experience.
  • Upgrade your phone, if you haven’t. New apps are designed for the newest phones.
  • Don’t pack your electronics in checked luggage. It leaves them vulnerable to damage and theft.
  • Scan your travel documents and export them to a cloud drive.
  • Check with your provider for special rates on cell phone usage.
  • Be aware of electronic pickpocketing. It is more prevalent than ever. A concealed RFID credit card reader can steal your information in airports, subways and stores. You can buy sleeves and accessories that block RFID scanner waves. Check with your credit card company if you notice suspicious activitiy on your card.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode in flight. It saves on battery usage.

Good Gadgets:

  • Get a good battery charger. Make sure it has a strong battery capacity and has power for multiple devices. A very durable and reliable one is the Kodiac 6000 by Outdoor Tech. It has a silicone exterior. You can also read our post on the Tylt Energi, which has a built-in cable and good reviews.
  • 12The Olloclip 4-in-one lens is a gadget that I am interested in this summer. It slides into the corner of an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and acts as a wide-angle lens for your mobile camera. It also has a fish eye lens and two macro-lenses for portraits and details. It retails for $80.
  • The Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are still top in reviews for noise-cancelling headphones. On the pricey side, but worth it.
  • The Logitech Keep-To-Go Universal Keyboard is 1/4 inch thick and can connect to any Android or iOS device using bluetooth. The mechanical keys are much more efficient, especially good for less typos than a touch pad. Retails for $70.

Enjoy your summer, and keep these tech tips close when traveling!