Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for SMB and the Enterprise

wtk-backup-dataLossAt Waytek, we know that your company’s biggest asset is the information you use to run it successfully. Loss of this information is always a threat to the operation of your business. In fact, 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. The process of backing up your information is traditionally overwhelming, costly, and resource intensive, which is probably why 75% of businesses do not run regular backups. Waytek makes backing up your data straightforward, affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes, with solutions geared to meet your company’s needs.

Waytek offers several platforms tailored to your company:

  • Waytek’s Online Backup
    Providing data backup tailored to the financial and operating needs of a small or medium sized business. Powered by the award-winning SOS Technologies platform.
  • Waytek’s Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)
    Providing enterprise class backup and disaster recovery tailored to the multi-location and high volume requirements of a larger business organization.
  • Waytek’s Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
    Be prepared for when the disaster occurs. Allow our expert analysts to develop and create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan providing a deep understanding of your data protection needs and action plan.