Many small and medium-sized businesses often overlook or underestimate the need for investing in IT. Today, it is a necessity in successfully running any business. Unfortunately, things can and do often go wrong with technology, which can disrupt or damage a business. Systems and networks can easily fail and few SMBs have the the bandwidth, resources and expertise to support their IT demands. What do  you do if your server crashes or the entire network goes down? What do you do if you are crippled by a cyber attack?

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) steps in as an expansion of the SMB’s IT staff or acts as the outsourced IT, a virtual CIO for your company without the high cost. The MSP provides the expertise in technology and security that allows the SMB to focus on running the business. A good MSP will listen to the needs of the SMB and adjust its technical expertise to minimize the client’s focus on technology.

A recent article from provided some of the following bullet points on the benefits of the MSP. Here is what the MSP provides:

  • better expertise
  • management of systems that are too complex to manage internally
  • allows the SMB to focus on the issues of its company and not technology
  • reduces the cost of internal IT support
  • helps with using technology to drive the business forward

The MSP provides the worry-free benefit of 24/7 support. With the addition of mobile devices in the work place, the MSP manages all technology endpoints. It customizes the client’s needs at a fixed cost, which also reduces the stress of the business owner worrying about an IT budget.

The outsourcing of technology management just makes sense for the small and medium-sized business owner. Check out our website for more information.

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