Since the early Fall, there have been quite a few new smartphones on the market. With a lot of new releases, this is a good time to assess what new phone or new version works for you. Here is a list of some of the highlights.

1.  Perhaps the biggest release this Fall has been Apple’s iPhone 6 and the even larger iPhone 6 Plus. Still pricey, the iPhone 6 goes for about $199 and the iPhone 6 Plus for $299 on contract. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen what would have been the biggest so far for an iPhone, except the Plus has a 5.5 inch screen, bringing it closer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (see below). Both iPhones offer a 64 bit A8 chip processor and an 8 megapixel camera. The Plus is the first iPhone to have full HD display. Since it is larger, it also has a bigger battery. It might be bulkier to carry around, but it does have a lot of great features, although its price might be a bit prohibitive.

2.  Another expensive option is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a whopping 5.7 inch screen and $299 with contract price tag. This phone has many great features, including a vibrant display and a 16 megapixel camera. It also has a strong processor. The most interesting feature of this phone, however, is the stylus pen, which makes the Note 4 a unique option. The pen allows you to write on the screen, which is appealing to many consumers.

3.  The Google Nexus 6 was announced in October. As marketed by google, it is really a phablet, which seems to be trending this year. The larger screen (almost 6 inches) makes it the biggest Android Lollipop, featuring the latest Lollipop OS. It has the top of the line Snapdragon processor, but its camera falls short of the Galaxy Note 4, a big drawback when you consider the over $600 price. Still, it is the most powerful Android out there.

4. Also new this Fall, is the Motorola X, which runs about $99 on contract. This version has more style options, leather backings in addition to the previous wood and plastic shells. It has a bigger 5.2 inch screen and a strong 13 megapixel camera. it also has a handset that you can customize. All in all, this is a good option for the budget-conscious consumer.

Remember, a smartphone can also make a great holiday gift. We will continue to keep you updated on new options for your mobile technology.