Well, it’s hard to live on this planet and not have heard the news of the new iPhone that recently hit stores. Much has been written in the past few weeks, since Apple made its announcement of the new iPhone 5 and the reviews have been split. Wherever your opinions lean, the fact remains that the newest iPhone set records in pre-sales and initial supplies sold out in its first weekend of sales. So, what should you consider before deciding on purchasing one?

The Philadelphia Inquirer gave rave reviews for the iPhone in a September 13, 2012 article, noting its larger 4 inch diagonal screen, which is half an inch bigger than the older versions. It is also thinner and has more power. The article quoted Tim Bajarin of California’s Creative Strategies, Inc. as loving the style of the new iPhone, saying it “actually feels like a piece of fine jewelry.” Maybe not everyone would go that far in accolades, but the new iPhone does have improved features, such as Maps with real time traffic adjustments, although there has been criticism that the Maps are not up to par with Google Maps.

On the same day as the Philadelphia Inquirer article, the Wall Street Journal came out with an article questioning whether the iPhone 5 was just too boring. It first listed improvements, such as more power, faster processing 4G data and a more powerful Siri system. It also confirmed that analysts expected big sales but went on to mention that the iPhone 5 was lacking in some areas where the Google Android was ahead. The Android has digital payment features that the iPhone 5 is missing. Its NFC (near -field communication) chip powers digital wallet services. The NFC chip also enables the Touch to Share feature on Android phones, where you can share media by touching devices together. The Android has a dynamic home screen, more customizable than the static icons that people must tap to load on the iPhone. Many new Android phones have facial recognition to allow people to gain access to their phone, where the iPhone still has the swipe to unlock feature. Lastely, although the new iPhone has a much smaller charger, it still has a cord, where Nokia’s new Windows 8 operating phone can be charged without a cord.

Still, the head start in sales is indicative of the excitement that is always generated by a new Apple product, and if you use an iPad or other Apple device, you are probably a fan of its relative ease of use, including the ability to share usage between one’s iPhone, iPad or Apple computer.

On the heels of the iPhone 5 news, Twitter announced the new Twitter iPad app. Cnet.com explained on September 18, 2012 that Twitter’s new app offers a design that moves the Home, Connect, Discover, and Me categories to the left of the screen A new feature is that you can now expand a tweet by tapping on it to quickly view its summary and linked photos or videos. When you tap on a link in a tweet, it easily opens it to reveal the linked Web page. There are also improvements to the Me page and there are expanded links to your followers, followees, favorites and lists. You can also add a background header photo to your profile that appears on your mobile Twitter apps and the Twitter Website. It doesn’t replace your regular profile image, but it is designed to complement it. Have fun trying it out and stay tuned for more mobile and mobile app news.