The Advanced Scripting Engine (A.S.E.) is a major component of Sentinel. A.S.E. has a graphical scripting tool, the Integrated Development Environment (I.D.E), which is very similar to programs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Netbeans.

You can use I.D.E. to create custom monitoring and automatic resolutions to issues that occur in your client environments. An A.S.E. runtime agent is included with every Sentinel Agent so scripts can be deployed using Sentinel’s Architecture.

We also offer the Sentinel Extended Database (S.E.D.) allowing your scripts to write information to the ITS Portal.

Advanced Scripting Engine

Advanced Scripting Engine & Patch Deployment

  • Download and Install the A.S.E. Development Environment
  • Load Sentinel’s Template Script and function library
  • Create, compile, and validate a script package
  • Upload script package to web or FTP sever
  • Setup script assignment in the ITS portal
  • Deploy the script either On-Demand or on a schedule
  • View results in script logs


  • Create script distribution servers for deployment to multiple end clients
  • Import Visual Basic or Java scripts as stand alone scripts or to enhance your existing script logic
  • Filter script deployment based on operating system, active services, or installed software
  • Deploy scripts as frequently as every 15 minutes or as infrequently as once a week
  • Initiate Scan Disks and Defrags. Create Printer Queues and Network Shares. Manipulate ISS and SQL Servers
  • Deploy any executable or Microsoft installer whether it is a patch, update, or automated application install
  • Read and write system files or manipulate registry settings