Our Client is a franchise network with over 450 locations in 23 countries (over 250 locations in the US & Canada). Local customers of every Client franchise benefit from the best of both worlds: the personal, friendly service you would expect from a small firm, with the support, expertise and additional services you expect from a large organization.

Our Client’s mission is to create a worldwide network of independent computer professionals that are able to respond effectively to the needs of business and home computer users. Through experience, skills, and training, using a collective network of mutual support and reliability, our Client strives to become the service of choice for those seeking computer and business technology help.

The Challenge:

The Client found themselves in need of a reliable Help Desk solution for their franchise owners; however, having tried multiple reputable companies with poor results, they decided to turn their attention to Waytek. Waytek and the Client successfully forged a contract model that would allow Waytek to provide a very high level of technical support to the franchise engineers. Our Client found these services so vital that they decided to include the first year subscription with the purchase of the franchise with options of renewal in subsequent years.

The Strategy:

Our helpdesk began providing outstanding desktop support services to the field engineers, receiving rave reviews. These services are enjoyed by the engineers as they run into any number of issues, while providing on-site support, and find themselves in need of fast, reliable assistance. Waytek has supported countless issues for this Desktop Support Company, with a consistent, professional approach.

The Result:

The partnership with Waytek has given Our Client the freedom to focus on the growth and management of their franchise community, while Waytek  looks after the Help Desk needs for the company.