Our Fall newsletter contained two articles on new tablets and new smartphones. Hopefully, these gave you a head start on gift giving for the holidays or a gift for yourself in the new year. Here are some more intersting ideas for the tech lover in your life.

 1.  This one I am getting for my spouse, whose smartphone always seems to be running our of juice. The LUXA2 P-MEGA is a huge battery pack in a 10 cm. cube. It’s also a multi-smartphone charger. With six USB connectors, it can charge most mobile devices. Plugged in, it has a continuous use, and lasts long on its own when it has been fully charged. It retails at around $160.

2.  The Piper – $199. Here’s an interesting gadget that the person on your list might not have. This device allows you to check in on your home when you just want to make sure everything is okay. It has a built in camera, so you can see live video of what’s happening in your home, in case you were wondering if the dogs were up to no good. It can also connect to your lights and appliances, allowing you to control them when you are away from home. If you have fond memories of the Jetsons, this futuristic device might be a good one for your list.

 3.  Headphones are more popular than ever and can get very pricey. The Bose IE2 headphones area a great option at $99. These earbuds stay on your ears and have great audio. an alternative would be the popular Beats urBeats earbuds, also at $99.

4. Logitech Keys-to-go – $69.99 Logitech is still a leader in keyboards for mobile devices. Many people use their tablets as often or more than their laptops, and a keyboard is critical to easing that use. The latest from Logitech is a thin Bluetooth device that works easily with your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It also works with both the latest and previous generation devices. You may forget you have a laptop.

5. The NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and wireless controller at $299 and $59 is a great buy, especially for the gamer on your list. This tablet has great quality and gaming abilities. The recent addition for this model of GRID game streaming service lets owners play PC games on the device. It also has Lollipop, the latest version of Android.

 6.  An inexpensive tech gift that we have had on our list in the past is Tile, the perfect git for the loved one or friend who forgets things easily, and let’s face it, many people fit that category. This tiny gadget connects to your keys, laptop, mobile devices, etc. It can also be connected like a keyring or attached like a sticker. It’s location is then communicated via Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. It can track up to 8 things at once and will even show you a map of where each thing can be easily located. At $25, it’s an easy decision.


Enjoy your holidays, whether tech-filled or not!