It’s Going to Be a Mobile Fall!

Fall is here and a hot topic in the tech world is the buzz around new smartphones recently released, along with a new “phablet,” the combination of a phone and tablet, which we will be seeing more of in the future. Right now, the two companies getting the most attention in this area are Samsung and Apple.

The offerings from Samsung, alone, are overwhelming. A few weeks ago, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 3 phablet. It has a new large screen (around 5.7 inches) but not as large as the Galaxy Mega. Just making its US debut, the Mega has a 6.3 inch touchscreen In addition, the Galaxy S4 is still a good option and popular choice and is regarded as one of the best smartphones available. The new iPhone (just realeased in September) is expected to be the S4’s biggest competitor.

The S4 is made with a good quality plastic polycarbonate. Unlike the iPhone, it has a removable back to install an extended battery. It also has a micro SD card slot to allow users to expand beyond the 16GB or 32 GB to 64. Its slim design works in its favor.

The new iPhone has a similar design to the current iPhone 5 and, like the iPhone5, combines anodized aluminum, glass and metal. It does not have a removable back, but it is lighter than the Galaxy S4. While the S4 has a 5 inch display, the iPhone keeps its display of 4 inches. As with all Apple products, the camera is of very high quality and at least as good as the Galaxy S4.

It should be an interesting Fall and Winter as far as smartphones and phablets. All of these products are worth a look!