everyBizIf you read the Wall Street Journal, you may have noticed that it changed the section formerly called “Marketplace” to “Business and Technology.” Why would the publication do this? The answer was in the first line of the article Feb. 16, 2015) explaining the change. “Every business is a technology business.” At Waytek, we know that we are an IT business. We help the SMB manage its general IT and its IT security. We also know, as the WSJ explained, that every business is dependent on technology and this will become increasingly evident in the near future. For this reason, every business really is a technology business, relying on technology in order to function. “Whether it’s taxi cabs or taco delivery, today’s enterprises are urgently figuring out ways to manage the growth of information technology and to turn its disruptive potential to their advantage.”

When looking at the future of any business in this way, two critical issues to focus on are keeping a company’s technology running efficiently and keeping up to date with managing IT security. In a recent article in inc.com, “Six Far-Out Tech Innovations to Watch,” the author described the future of technology as one that is evolving beyond desktops and smartphones to sensors, processing, storage, screens and interfaces that will be around us on windows, doors, walls, etc. Businesses will have to be aware that “there will be a greater need to make data secure.”

A bbc.com article also recently described new tech trends that we will be seeing soon in homes and businesses. Devices, like smartphones, will get even smarter. Anticipatory computing or predictive intelligence is already evident in analyzing your web history, location, etc., and this will become more wide-spread in the near future. Technology is at the core of changing shifts in productivity and how a business gets its work done. When we talk about moving beyond smartphones and computers to all kinds of interfaces and smart machines, we can use the term Internet of Things (IoT), the buzzword that is trending everywhere. Transitioning to IoT and new modes of technology and securing data are prime concerns for all businesses.

Where does this leave you and your business? Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Is the Firewall protecting your data as secure as you think it is? How is it monitored? Are you alerted if there is a breach?
  2. As you add new technology, do you ensure that it doesn’t leave you open to vulnerability?
  3. Do you maintain technology policies and updates 24/7?
  4. Are you capable of adapting to the technology requirements of your business, such as cloud, mobile management and security? Are you planning ahead?

Technology is a prime concern for you and your business as you move to the future. Please contact us with any concerns you have on securing your IT, its ongoing management and adapting to change. Your business, too, is a technology business.