Yes, you can access your folders from the Taskbar rather than always opening the Windows Explorer window and pointing to the drives. This method can save a lot of time for many users. Many users (you know who you are) are always on the Internet and want to open a song or document quickly. This method enables them to do those tasks quickly and without a lot of thought. Just follow the simple steps and get your Directory on your Taskbar!

  • Simply right click on an empty area of your Taskbar (the empty area between your Start Button and your System Tray).
  • From the pop-up menu, click Toolbars.
  • Click New Toolbar.
  • Once you click on New Toolbar, a small window will open that allows you to pick the folder you wish to make a Toolbar. Here, you can choose Desktop or My Computer or My Documents or even a specific folder. Choose your selection.
  • Click OK.

Now, the required Toolbar will appear at the bottom of the Taskbar near the system tray.

To undo any change, just follow the first two steps, and the Toolbar will be removed.