Software License Renewal Services

Industry expertise, proven solutions and sound guidance

  • We offer a range of renewal solutions designed to meet our client's requirements in conjunction with the associated customer and their renewal profiles.
  • Our knowledgeable team brings proven methodologies and innovative approaches that meet not only your retention requirements, but also keep within your brand and culture requirements.
  • We can help you develop a methodology to maximize renewal success.
  • Our approach integrates industry practices in process and technology, we enhance our credibility with subject matter expertise and our years of experience in the business of software license management.

Renewal solutions to meet your needs

  • Our renewal services are designed so they can be tailored to meet your unique needs and issues.
  • Our services can assist you in developing ongoing renewal systems to help you and your customers manage their licenses more seamlessly.
  • We can help you identify customer satisfaction issues that impact renewal success and recommend solutions to avoid the negative issues.

Knowledgeable software renewal and license management practitioners

  • We have experienced IT sales professionals with expertise in a broad range of markets and industries.
  • We have provided a broad array of renewal services for software and hardware manufacturers as well as license management solutions for enterprise clients.
  • Our IT sales professionals have an understanding of both business and technology issues which adds to our credibility and increases our success rates.
  • We have tested methodologies for rapid and cost-effective renewal transactions.
  • We offer end-to-end capabilities, from the initial notification through to completion of the transaction.
  • Our active team of 10 currently manages a database of over 100,000 licenses and we have a ready bench of additional professionals available for immediate product training and expansion.
  • The team is trained in active listening skills training to increase sales, loyalty and issue resolution skills.

Proven methodologies and innovative approaches in the software license renewal space

  • We publish a Renewal Success Index to our clients on a weekly basis to provide timely feedback and measurable metrics.
  • Working in collaboration with our clients, our team 'lead' continually monitors, adjusts and enhances our programs to address the unique issues associated with each of our engagements.


  • Revenue Generation
  • Expiration notification along with a streamlined renewal process
  • Documentation and customer information management
  • Satisfaction measurement identify trends and root cause customer issues in order to create proactive long term resolutions and higher customer retention.
  • Telephone and email contact according to agreed upon service level agreement
  • Order fulfillment
  • Technical help desk available according to agreed upon service level agreement

Marketing methods

  • Expiration Countdown. Provide a 60-90 day advance notification and renewal quotation. Review available discounts and make timely follow-ups to insure no gap in license compliance.
  • License expansion. Identify and sell upgrade or expansion opportunities.

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