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Help Desk Coverage:

Waytek’s strategy is focused on delivering top quality, cost effective Information Technology (IT) support solutions. Often times, IT budgets balloon, or are difficult to control when trying to remain competitive, or Helpdesk and Computer Support is an afterthought for non-IT companies. Which leads to a decrease in productivity and overall profit loss when things go wrong.

Our core competencies include troubleshooting desktops, networks and applications as well as Internet connectivity. Each member of our help desk team has a vast technical background, which we feel is crucial for effective first-call resolution.

Waytek seamlessly integrates our support services with your IT department developing a true partnership to ensure quality and transparency. If your organization doesn't have an IT department, we will discuss escalations to your external vendor of choice.

Customers signing up for this package should expect to receive professional technical support on our supported products.

Areas of Expertise:

  • All Microsoft and Macintosh operating systems
  • Non proprietary application support
  • Windows and Novell networks
  • User Administration – Login resets, account creations and permissions, folder access
  • External VPN connectivity troubleshooting
  • Exchange and POP/IMAP email, webmail and spam filtering
  • Network and internet connectivity
  • Networked Devices
  • Hardware and peripheral troubleshooting
  • Server services restarts (Exchange, IIS, Print Spools, etc.)
  • Responsive server monitoring from email alerts
  • All Microsoft Office products
  • All Adobe products
  • Virus and Spyware detection and removal
  • Printer troubleshooting

Added Value:

  • Waytek 24x7 Helpdesk makes it easier for you to market 24/7/365 desktop support to individuals. We have the support to keep your systems up and running.
  • Our technicians have the ability to view desktops via a remote control tool. In under 60 seconds, they can see what the users sees on their screen, and share the control of the mouse to fix problems while the user watches. This is done by trained technicians in a secure environment.
  • Customers will receive immediate access to our professional support team on all of our supported products.

Remote Support:

Waytek’s software provides remote control capabilities which allows us see and interact with desktops across any network.

  • Accessible on any machine with an internet connection regardless of firewall
  • Simple and light weight – client downloads a 200k file that expires after 24 hours
  • Fast connection – A technician can be logged in within 60 seconds
  • Zero footprint after remote session is finished
  • Data security – no information is stored on the server and transmitted data is encrypted
  • Remote lock capability – A technician can remotely lock the keyboard and mouse