Online Data Backup

A simple yet powerful online data backup solution powered by SOS Online Backup, the industry’s top award winner

 ....Simple. Powerful. Secure.

If you require: 

  • Your data to be stored safely off site
  • Your stored data be available to you anytime, anywhere
  • An unlimited number of backup versions always available
  • Access to your data from any web or smart phone connection
  • Lowered costs, increased productivity and decreased risk

Online Backup can provide the following solutions and benefits:

  1. Unlimited archiving – older backups never deleted and stored for free
  2. Fast incremental daily backup and restore to any machine you designate
  3. Secure and redundant off-site storage at multiple data centers with military style encryption.
  4. Access to your data from any web browser or smart phone.
  5. With one account, you pay one affordable flat fee for unlimited numbers of computers and servers
  6. No set-up, no hardware, no training needed
  7. No licensing fees. You only pay for your total storage capacity needs

Learn how our Backup Delivers More Than Any Other Online Backup Service

Waytek's Online Backup is powered by: SOS Online Backup


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