Referral Program

Waytek is excited to be initiating a new referral program. As valued customers, your referrals mean the most to us.  Just like our slogan "a step ahead," we are always aiming to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, understanding their IT needs and worries. Now, we would like to do the same for someone you know, whose business technology could use the cost-effective and reliable IT service that Waytek provides.

As a valued customer, you know that IT Managed Services allows a business to reduce operational costs, provide a higher level of IT services, and free up personnel to focus on strategic business issues. As a reliable Managed Service Provider, Waytek will offer more than just a package of purely remote solutions. It will also offer personalized attention and a face-to-face relationship.

How does the referral program work? Just fill in the contact information of your colleague and you will be eligible for a Referral Fee if they become a new Managed Services client!


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