Q & A with our President

I recently sat down with our President, Brian McDonnell, to ask him a couple of questions about the Managed Services side of Waytek.

Why do customers decide to use Waytek's Managed Services for their SMBs?

These customers usually have IT staffs that are overworked. Their IT staffs never get to do some of the basic pro-active work that needs to be done, because they're busy managing day to day IT issues and infrastructure. We act as an insurance policy for them, filling in the gaps so they don't miss anything.

Here's an example from today: a potential customer told me that no one is checking his security patches and making sure that his AV is up to date. That was one of the big reasons he wanted to use us. Waytek is alerted if any vulnerabilities appear, and we can fix them before there is a problem.

(As we were talking, Brian could hear one of Waytek's Help Desk technicians on the phone. Brian pointed out that she had just been alerted that a customer's disc space on the server was running at 80% capacity. She notified the customer that the company needs to reduce unnecessary files or upgrade to a larger capacity. Without doing so, the system could crash.)

How do you stay connected to your Managed Services customers?

We believe that we can only serve our Managed Services customers by maintaining an ongoing line of communication through various methods. Our alert system helps us notify customers immediately of any issues and the online portal enables them to have an open view to their account and status and remain in contact by emails that are run through the portal. We have also implemented a quarterly face to face status meeting with our Managed Services customers. Our techs keep in contact both on-site and via phone calls and emails. We also encourage our customers to follow us in the social media spaces of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We update these spaces, usually on a daily basis. They are a great source of advice and tips for our customers. As another service, we publish a bi-monthly newsletter, such as the one where this article will appear, which includes lots of helpful information, book reviews, and even interesting pieces about our employees. It helps to bring us closer to the community of our customers.