NOC Services – The Service Request Team will accept alert resolution requests directly from Partners.These alerts can be non-SENTINEL SERVER CARE generated, but must relate to the overall health of the server. Software installations are not accepted by this team. The Remote Support Team remotely resolves alerts and tickets raised by the SENTINEL SERVER CARE IntelliScripts provided proper credentials are supplied for remote connection in the Password Vault. The Critical Monitoring Team alerts Partners by phone for Critical Alerts raised by the SENTINEL SERVER CARE IntelliScripts. The Product Support Team troubleshoots problems with the SENTINEL SERVER CARE Software and supported applications: Desktop Agent, Server Agent, Gateway Software, Remote Agent Deployment Tool IP Scanner, Spybot and LogMeIn.

Asset & Inventory Scans – Scans scheduled to run weekly to capture hardware, software, and operating system settings from users’ Desktops. This data is reported back to Waytek’s Data Center in Freemont, CA and is available in the ITS Portal as prefabricated reports. Hardware reporting can be customized using Report Builder.

Reporting – Data gathered by weekly scans is processed by the Data Center and produced as prefabricated reports in the ITS Portal. Waytek also provides three Executive Reports: On-Demand Executive, Monthly Executive (short), and Monthly Executive (detailed).

Service Requests – Partners can request the NOC to look into server issues not discovered by the SENTINEL SERVER CARE IntelliScripts. These can be event log, system, operating system, and Microsoft software errors. The NOC will provide a best effort basis to resolve the problem.

Alert Generation – SENTINEL SERVER CARE Intelliscripts is based on conditional monitoring configured by Waytek’s Service Delivery Managers. SENTINEL SERVER CARE wants to provide quality alerts that actually have impact and meaning on the server.

Alert Analysis – For every alert the SENTINEL SERVER CARE InteliScripts generate there is a Knowledge Base entry on how to resolve the issue. This provides our Remote Support Team with troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. This helps limit the resolution time for server alerts.

Best Practice Fixes – This is SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s Knowledge Base that has been built-up over the last seven years. By providing channel support to small businesses SENTINEL SERVER CARE has optimized alert remediation for server, software, and operating systems issues. The Knowledge Base is documented in SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s Intelligent Monitoring System that drives the conditional alerting on server operating systems.

Alert Remediation – Waytek’s NOC Technicians will remotely connect to managed Servers and resolve issued based on alerts raised by SENTINEL SERVER CARE IntelliScripts following the steps laid out in Waytek’s Knowledge Base. We find that 80% to 90% of alerts are resolved remotely. For the remaining alerts we ask partners to resolve as they generally represent hardware issues or networking problems.

Antivirus Monitoring – SENTINEL SERVER CARE provides antivirus software monitoring and detection. Every four hours SENTINEL SERVER CARE performs a check to see if definitions are updated. Alerts are sent if definitions fall three days behind. SENTINEL SERVER CARE is also able to detect if antivirus software is installed for a majority of antivirus software packages.

Microsoft Patching – Partners can choose to self manage Microsoft Patching, either through their own tools, or using SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s Patch Deployment Engine. Partners could also choose to let SENTINEL SERVER CARE automatically deploy all Microsoft Security Patches or SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s whitelisted Microsoft Patches. Partners using SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s automatic deployment can also benefit by using SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s Patch Deployment Engine to push out any Microsoft Patch.  Microsoft Patch Assessments are scheduled weekly. The Data Center compares patches already deployed to the desktop with patches available from Microsoft. For the next  five days, SENTINEL

SERVER CARE will attempt to deploy the missing patches based on your configured schedule. – Failed patch installs are reported to SENTINEL SERVER CARE’s Patch Doctor. Patch Doctor is an intelligent patch redeployment engine. Patch Doctor will attempt to redeploy failed patches based on your scheduled patch deployment. Reports for both SENTINEL SERVER CARE failed patching and Patch Doctor failed patching are available in the Sentinel Portal.

Logical Disk Checks – SENTINEL SERVER CARE checks each logical disk on the Desktop to assure there is more than 200 free megabytes available.

Scripting – Waytek provides a power GUI-based scripting tool allowing Partners to develop additional managing and monitoring of systems in addition to SENTINEL SERVER CARE. Waytek provides two script deployment engines. One integrates with the GUI-based scripting tool providing multiple deployment options. The second deployment engine allows Partners to write or deploy in any scripting language provided the deployment files is an EXE, MSI, or BAT _le. Use your existing scripts or download scripts without worrying about language compatibility.

Remote Management – Remotely connect to desktops and servers using one of the industry’s leading vendors.  Allows for file transfers to server or desktop.

Configuration Management – Through the ITS Portal Partners can configure system configuration templates forcing standardized user configurations across any desktop running SENTINEL SERVER CARE. Partners can configure the computer environment and nearly every Microsoft configuration option from the Desktop, to the Start Menu, to Internet Explorer, to the Registry, or to the Control Panels