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Tech Tips - 6 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

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Install Less Applications on your Computer

Just because an Application is free, doesn't mean you have to install it on your PC. Some people install useless applications to their computer, even if they are never going to use them. Remember, it takes up space on your computer and eats memory. It's better to uninstall unwanted Applications.

Tech tip - temporarily disabling AVG

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Many of our AVG customers ask about how to temporarily disable AVG 2011 protection for Troubleshooting or Malware removal

1.    Right click on the AVG icon on the task bar and choose open AVG user interface
2.    On the menu bar, click tools
3.    Click advanced settings
4.    In the advanced settings screen, scroll down to Temporarily disable AVG protection
5.    Once you click on it in the right hand pane, tick the box for Temporarily disable AVG protection

Tech Tip - Frozen Mouse? Brrrr.

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Frozen mouse? Use your keyboard as a mouse.
To activate mouse keys, all you do is press Alt+Left shift key (the one below the caps lock key) and the Num Lock key.
To deactivate, just press the above combination again.
All you do is use your numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer.
Here are some functions you can do with the Numeric Keypad:
5 = a left click on your normal mouse.
Press 0 and navigate the pointer= Selecting the text in a normal keyboard.

Tech Tip - Password Protection

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How strong is your password? What is a strong password?

  • A strong password should not contain your username, phone number, street name or address.
  • It should be at least 6 characters in length.
  • Use a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters.
  • Change your password quarterly.

Test the strength of your passwords by clicking here

Contact Waytek for more on Password Managers.

Kim's Q & A

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This week, Kim provided a Q & A approach to her weekly Tech Tips on questions she is often asked.

Q: Why should servers be monitored?

How to disable/enable email backup reports

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For customers of Sentinel Online Backup, here is a common question that Kim is asked:

How can I disable/enable the email backup reports?

  1. Click on the "Advanced" button on the top right hand of the Sentinel software.
  2. Select "Options."
  3. Select "Email Backup Reports" in the options provided.
  4. To disable, un-check the send email reports checkbox.
  5. To enable, check the send email reports check box; you can also change your email address.

Windows 7 GodMode

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So you may have seen a couple of blogs about an undocumented feature in Windows 7. This feature allows you to create a folder which then gives access to a large number of handy shortcuts. The feature has been christened “GodMode”.   Here's how to set it up on your computer:

Online Backup Question

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For Customers of Sentinel Online Backup, Kim has the following advice to a frequent question.

How do I see the data (and how much of it) that is backed up on my account?

To see the space that is used up on your account:

AVG - How do I upgrade AVG with a new license number?

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Here is a question Kim gets asked a lot.

"How do I upgrade my current AVG product with my newly purchased AVG License Number?"

Please note that it is not necessary to uninstall your current AVG product.

To upgrade your AVG product, simply:

Download the latest AVG 2011 installation file at (choose your edition and click on the link "Paid version.")

Run the downloaded file and choose the add/remove components option.

Windows 7 - Show the Menu Bar in Explorer Folders

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Summary: If you are used to seeing a menu bar when working with Explorer folders, you can enable it in Windows 7.

If you have worked with earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, you probably used the menu bar when working with Explorer folders.

By default, Windows 7 disables the menu bar as most all functionality is easily available via other on-screen controls. However, if you'd like to enable the menu bar for Explorer folders, do the following: 

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