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Cyber Security and IT Management

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In the past few days, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications have published articles on businesses taking another look at cyber security and government regulations in 2013. Businesses have long rejected government interference in company cyber security policies, but events of last year, especially, have caused them to take a closer look at security. In the WSJ article (1/9/13) "Lobbying Over Cyber Attacks," Ajay Banga, CEO of Master Card Inc.

SMBs Allowing Personal Phones and Computers

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A WSJ article (Nov. 12, 2012), "Many Gadgets, Many Risks," focused on the growing trend of SMBs allowing employees to use their own personal laptops and smartphones for work, which saves the employer on hardware but brings up many security concerns.

Windows 8!

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Window 8 LogoNot that long ago, we had a blog post on Windows 8 and the news or rumors surrounding the new OS. Now that we are getting much closer to its arrival, October 26, we thought we would offer updates on the subject.

Tech Tip - Google Drive

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If you are a user of Google Docs, you may have noticed that the tab for Google docs no longer exists and has been replaced by Google Drive. Interestingly, there hasn't been a lot of buzz from Google to the public on the replacement of Google Docs to Googe Drive, although Google Drive has been talked about for months and it has been available to use, just not as officially as it is now.

New iPhone vs. the Android

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 Well, it's hard to live on this planet and not have heard the news of the new iPhone that recently hit stores. Much has been written in the past few weeks, since Apple made its announcement of the new iPhone 5 and the reviews have been split. Wherever your opinions lean, the fact remains that the newest iPhone set records in pre-sales and initial supplies sold out in its first weekend of sales.

Apps and more apps!

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As we have noted in other tech tips, the increasing use of tablets and smartphones in the business place has inspired us to provide more tips on apps that could benefit you both in your business and personal use.

The WSJ article of August 23, 2012, offered interesting information on the multitude of applications available today. For this blog post, we will focus on two, one on managing your reading and one on holding remote meetings.


Tech Tips for the Future

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What are the most exciting possibilities for new tech products for 2012? Looks like mobile devices, in the form of tablets and smartphones are the front-runners.

Amazon has been working on a few products, and the Wall Street Journal recently broke the story of an Amazon Kindle Phone, which could use a 5 inch display and match up nicely to the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has had great success with Amazon, prompting development of other tablets, including a 10-inch model.

Tried and True Tech Tips

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The online Journal of Accountancy recently published "125 Technology Quick Tips," including tips from basic short-cuts when using Word to tips for the iPad and those for good websites. We thought we would include some of the relevant ones here as a bundle of little but useful ideas.

For useful website information, here are some good sites:

Tech Tip - Business Strategies for Social, Mobile and and the Cloud

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A recent blog post on ( delved into what the article called "the new paradigm" for business, which is the combination of business trends in using social networks, mobility and the Cloud. The blog highlights the critical points to moving businesses to the future in how they use technology, security, methods of marketing and communicating.

Windows 8 - What's Ahead

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A lot of buzz has been generated lately around Windows 8, due to be released in "a couple of months." Microsoft has just launched the Windows 8 Release Preview, and the positive and negative critiques have followed. While Windows 7 was a great success, Windows 8 is a whole new breed, Microsoft's effort to be relevant to the future of tablets, mobile devices and the Cloud.

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