Clicking Safe Links

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The number one priority in surfing the web and using the Internet in your business and personal life is to make sure that your security is not compromised. Ensuring that you have the right AntiVirus and AntiMalware along with other security products, such as Backup, is as important to keeping your daily life safe as locking the door to your home or place of work.

NYC Cyber Security Symposium

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Waytek representatives recently attended the Cyber Security Symposium held by Kaspersky Lab in New York City on October 6th, where Kaspersky Lab also launched its latest edition of Kaspersky's Antivirus/Anti-malware products.

Summer Travel

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On a recent trip to Europe this summer, we were constantly reminded of the need for IT security, especially with mobile devices. In addition to maneuvering the settings and cost to staying connected, the need for security for both personal and business information is critical. In a world of increased security at airports and borders, the same diligence is necessary with our own technology. We posted some "tech tips" for summer travel a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for more information on protecting you and your business.

Looking for malware disaster stories. Let us know!

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Do you have a malware disaster story? Share them with us at Waytek. We'd love to write about your story and have you look at our security products, including Malwarebytes. 


The Advantages of Online Cloud Backup

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