Why The SMB Needs To Stop Ignoring Cyber Crime

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We make it a top priority to warn our clients of the dangers of cyber crimes, yet we see many SMBs becoming victims of ransomware and cyber attacks with increasing frequency. Part of this is due to the continuing increase in cybercrimes, but as a recent article from MSP Mentor stated, many SMBs just don't believe it will happen to them. Unfortunately, cyber attacks are on the upswing. More than half of SMBs experience cyber attacks today and close to that number suffer data breaches. Many SMBs just don't have the budget or know-how to stay secure and defend their data. Most of these businesses could benefit from a managed services providor (MSP) or managed security services (MSS), where the business is relieved of the hassle and strain of figuring out how best to secure its data. We have seen many companies realize the need for such a service only after a devastating breach. 


Any business handling human resources records, credit card numbers, medical files and intellectual property is at risk for compromising its data. 


A business is always at the mercy of human error. Cyber criminals prey on employees on the internet. They can use infected attachments or links that employees may innocently click and endanger a business' data. 


While you can't completely eliminate risk, an MSP can offer services and tools in detection and prevention that provide a high level of security. 


While an SMB might be hesitant to pay for a managed service, it is actually very cost effective. One cyber attack can cost more than establishing cyber defenses. It also eliminates or keeps down the cost of hiring technical staff. 

Cyber crime is here to stay, and the reality is that it can happen to your business as easily as any other. SMBs are particularly vulnerable, because they lack the resources to defend themselves. Take the time to educate yourself and read our other blog posts for more information on cyber attacks and how to secure your internet safety.