Holiday Tech Gifts for 2016

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Every year, we offer a list of tech gifts that are fun and/or useful for holiday gifting. Here is our list for 2016:

1.  This one definitely falls into the fun category. The DJI Mavic Pro has a unique foldable design and is one of the most creative and fun drones available. It has an obstacle avoidance system, which prohibits flying within 19 inches of any object. It also captures 4K video and has 23 minutes of flying time. At $179, it's also reasonably priced. 


2.  The Bose Quiet Cofort 35 headphones are the newest version of Bose headphones that often make our list. You just can't beat the quality. Now that audio jacks are almost a thing of the past, these are appropriate wireless headphones that also have superior noise cancelling technology. At $350, they are very expensive but worth the price. 


3.  The Fitbit Flex 2 is a winner. This new version of Fitbit is comfortable, light and water resistant. It has a four day battery life and is somewaht slow to charge, but it is also compatible with iPhones and Androids, making it a worthwhile fitness watch, retailing around $69.


4. The Amazon Echo Dot is extremely popular and a good entry into the world of smart home devices. This small disc is operated almost solely by voice, relying on Alexa, Amazon's virtual assisant, much like Apple's Siri. The Echo Dot can respond to many commands, whether asking to order take-out or looking up a homework question. It can also be paired with a Bluetooth speaker, enabling you to easily listen to your favorite music or podcasts. At $49.99, it is an affordable choice for this category. 

5.  While we usually include the Apple Watch on our list (a great smartphone), the Pebble 2 SE is a good entry level smartwatch that is affordable and offers reliable features, such as activity tracking and voice activation for sending messages. It connects to the iPhone or Android and has a 7 day battery life. For basic utilitarian functioning, it is a good choice at around $99.


6.  We always include tablets on our list, and there are many good ones available, but the Amazon Fire HD 8 is just the best tablet for the price of around $89. It doesn't have the best screen quality or optimal speakers, but it is good for streaming, and the Amazon app store offers a wide range of apps for the device. 


Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays! Remember to be aware and cautious while shopping on the web. See our article on internet staying safe online during the holidays.