Books for the Holidays

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This holiday season, we are highlighting two great books for the budding entrepreneur or anyone interested in using passion and persuasion in their career and life goals. They are great books for those interested in making choices for the new year, too!

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth developed this book out of her powerful Ted Talk that had more than 8 million views. Her studies at the University of Pennsylvania on the power of passion and perseverance, what she terms  "grit," have raised the idea that IQ isn't all that determines success. In studying public school students, Duckworth's research points out that talent is important, but tenacity is just as important, and best of all, can be learned. Not just about students, however, Grit explores how this idea translates into success in adulthood for entrepreneurs and many career paths. This is an important and insightful book for entering 2017. 


Pre Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdini

The noted social psychologist, Robert Cialdini, is back after his bestseller Influence of thirty years ago. His premise in this new book is that the most successful people prime their audience for their message. This is the "pre-suasion" moment. To change the minds of your audience, you must change their "state of mind," according to Cialdini. You re-direct your audience before you take action, which will effectively get your audience to say "yes." Persuasion has received high accolades and reviews. It is a unique concept with detailed outlines on how to achieve your goals. It might inspire you or someone on your gift list this holiday season.