15 Productivity Apps for Business - Getting Ahead in 2017

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There are many applications available today that help small and medium-sized businesses increase their productivity and efficiency. Some of these you may already use and some you may not have been aware of. We we have compiled a list of some of the best on the market today. (Many on this list are also mentioned on buildfire.com and lifehack.org.)

1.  Evernote - This has been around for a while and has gained stature in the world of productivity apps. It allows you to sort your notes, information, documents, files and images in an easy and manageable format. 

2.  Todoist - This app manages tasks throughout the day. It enables you to create lists, work with emails, color code, manage or assign and delegate tasks with colleagues. 

3.  Sunrise - This app improves the look of your calendar on all devices. It is simple to interact with and syncs in real time. 

4.  Casual PM - Also a project manager, it allows you to be more visually collaborative as a team. 

5.  Buffer - If you want to be like some famous people and tweet in your sleep, this is the app for you! It will schedule your posts in all of your social networks, so you can be ready ahead of time and focus on other tasks. 

6.  Google Keep - is another to-do app that offers quick lists for your tasks. 

7.  Google Drive - Here is an old favorite that is still a great choice for saving documents and collaborating with others in real time or storing information that you an easily access anywhere. 

8.  Drop Box - This is also an old favorite. You can store files, photos, etc., and link them socially or share with others. 

9.  Slack - This is a helpful app for communicating with team members of more than 3 or less than 50. An excellent choice for the SMB.

10. LogMeIn - This is a tried and true app for easy access to your PC or Mac from a tablet or phone. Perfect for working remotely. 

11. Producteev - is a task management app that is free and assigns tasks and implements privacy settings. 

12.  Docusign - is a great app for the professional. It enables you to sign important documents remotely. 

13. Basecamp - This app allows you to collaborate within your organization. There is a dashboard for team members with links to any project. All conversations occur within the project workspace. It also schedules on calendars and sets daily backups. 

14.  30/30 - This is touted as a great app for those with ADD, but it is really helpful for anyone interested in staying on task. It will time you to 30 interval work and break sessions. 

15. Mint - is a powerful app that helps you collect your financial data in one place. You can see if checks have cleared and track your business spending on a daily basis. 


Try some or all of these apps and see if they help your productivity! We welcome your feedback.