AVG Antivirus Business Edition

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus Business Edition gives you light, effective protection that is as agile as your business. AVG keeps all of the essential features in but removes the complex enterprise features that you just don't need.  Below are the benefits of AVG Antivirus Business Edition:

  • Prevent your data from being corrupted by hackers, viruses and more, with AVG Firewall, AVG Antivirus, AVG Anti-Spyware, AVG Resident Shield, and AVG Smart Anti-Rootkit.
  • Leading industry analysts found that AVG provides one of the fastest to manage products on the market. This allows you to spend less time managing your protection and more time on your business. Thanks to AVG Smart Scanning and AVG Silent Mode, your employees will not be disturbed. AVG Remote Administration enables you to install and manage all of your business security from one place.
  • AVG's business protection has been rated 5 stars for value for your money by SC Magazine. By only keeping all of the essential features in, and leaving all of the heavy enterprise features out, you get a safe, affordable and practical solution for your whole business network.
  • AVG LinkScanner®, AVG Antivirus, and AVG Online ShieldTM protect your employees while they are conducting searches, surfing for information, or downloading and sharing files.
  • Thanks to AVG File Server Protection, which includes a Firewall, all information held on your servers is kept safe from hackers, viruses and more. AVG Identity Protection identifies and blocks software that is behaving suspiciously in order to protect your business identity and data.