September 2011

Laptop Tech Tip

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Many or our Managed Services customers run businesses where their employees are on the road and using their laptops at home and at sites. Here is a tip to keep laptops running more efficiently. (On another note, recent studies have pointed to the increase in malware threats when employees are using laptops at remote locations. At Waytek, we provide security and monitoring to our customers to ensure their protection. Contact us for more details.)

Power Efficiency Report

Waytek People - Brian McDonnell

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Brian McDonnell, CEO Waytek IT and Managed Services

Brian McDonnell, CEO 

Internet Explorer 9 Tech Tip

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Here's a tip for those of you using Internet Explorer 9 on how to change the default download location.

In Internet Explorer 9, the default download is in the downloads folder in your user profile. If you don't like this default location, you can change it.

  • Open Internet Explorer 9, click on the settings icon (it looks like a gearwheel) and go to View Downloads.
  • In the downloads window, click on the options link.
  • Click the Browser button to select hte folder that you want for your downloads.