June 2011

Accessing Your Folders From the Taskbar

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Yes, you can access your folders from the Taskbar rather than always opening the Windows Explorer window and pointing to the drives. This method can save a lot of time for many users. Many users (you know who you are) are always on the Internet and want to open a song or document quickly. This method enables them to do those tasks quickly and without a lot of thought. Just follow the simple steps and get your Directory on your Taskbar!

Youngme Moon - Different

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This newsletter's book review features Different, the bestselling book by Harvard Business School professor, Youngme Moon. She has received numerous awards for her teaching and publications, bringing an entertaining and innovative outlook to the world of business, especially marketing, as we move forward into the 21st century.

Summer Safety Tips - Staying Secure Online While Traveling

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One of the most effective ways of protecting yourself when traveling is to take these simple and preventive steps before you leave.

● Update your laptop and smartphone operating systems and applications to the latest version to reduce the vulnerability of attacks.