May 2011

Tech Tip - Frozen Mouse? Brrrr.

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Frozen mouse? Use your keyboard as a mouse.
To activate mouse keys, all you do is press Alt+Left shift key (the one below the caps lock key) and the Num Lock key.
To deactivate, just press the above combination again.
All you do is use your numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer.
Here are some functions you can do with the Numeric Keypad:
5 = a left click on your normal mouse.
Press 0 and navigate the pointer= Selecting the text in a normal keyboard.

Tech tip - temporarily disabling AVG

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Many of our AVG customers ask about how to temporarily disable AVG 2011 protection for Troubleshooting or Malware removal

1.    Right click on the AVG icon on the task bar and choose open AVG user interface
2.    On the menu bar, click tools
3.    Click advanced settings
4.    In the advanced settings screen, scroll down to Temporarily disable AVG protection
5.    Once you click on it in the right hand pane, tick the box for Temporarily disable AVG protection

Looking for malware disaster stories. Let us know!

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Do you have a malware disaster story? Share them with us at Waytek. We'd love to write about your story and have you look at our security products, including Malwarebytes. 


Tech Tips - 6 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

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Install Less Applications on your Computer

Just because an Application is free, doesn't mean you have to install it on your PC. Some people install useless applications to their computer, even if they are never going to use them. Remember, it takes up space on your computer and eats memory. It's better to uninstall unwanted Applications.